Although it can’t be said to be perfect, Jedi: Fallen Order successfully quench gamers’ thirst for quality single-player Star Wars games. Done by Titanfall’s creator team, the performance of this action-adventure game far exceeds EA’s expectations. Jedi: Fallen Order is in demand on PC, and sales reached eight million copies in December 2019. Publishers estimate, the figure has the potential to touch 10 million copies by the end of March.

These conditions again remind players in the industry that there is still a high demand for single-player games. Of course, the success of the Jedi: Fallen Order is encouraging EA to develop more Star Wars games. After all, the company only had three years before the contract with Disney (to publish the Star Wars game exclusively) ran out. And the latest information says that the publisher is busy working on two more games in the universe of the Star War.

This news was revealed by a number of sources in Kotaku journalist Jason Schreier. Two new Star Wars games that have different design directions. One game was prepared as a sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and another smaller scale with an ‘unusual’ concept, handled by Motive Studios from Montreal. Founded by former producer of Assassin’s Creed, Jade Raymond, EA Motive helped DICE and Criterion complete Battlefront II.

Besides the two newer games, the informant also revealed that EA had actually worked on three Star Wars games, but they were all canceled. The story begins in 2015, when EA assigned Visceral Games to work on the Star Wars code name Ragtag. The game is focused on the theme of ‘robbery’ (I imagine Solo: A Star Wars Story in the form of a game). But suddenly the project was stopped in its second year of development, then its assets were transferred to EA Vancouver as the base for making the Star Wars open-world game.

In internal circles, the game was given the nickname Orca. EA Vancouver cooks it until 2018, but again Electronic Arts has decided to cancel it. Information on the termination of the new Orca was revealed in 2019. Furthermore, the Vancouver team was directed to work on a ‘smaller’ Star Wars project called Viking. At that time, the game was scheduled to launch in the fall of 2020 along with the PlayStation and Xbox next-gen consoles.

Viking was designed as a spin-off from Battlefront and carried the open-world element. In the process, EA asked Criterion to help EA Vancouver, and this is where the problem began. EA Vancouver has spent a lot of time designing and creating prototypes, but the publisher wants Criterion – the developer behind the Burnout racing series – to lead the development.

Collaboration is difficult because the two studios come from different places (Canada and England). And these logistical constraints are exacerbated by too many decision makers. Criterion has an ambitious vision: they want Viking to emphasize aspects of the story and character. In the end, EA realized they would not be able to finish the game within the one and a half year target time. And this is the reason for the stop development of the Viking.

I hope there will be no more cancellation of the Star Wars game project because since the license is held by EA, there is only a pinch of titles that have arrived in the hands of gamers. I am also curious as to why the Knights of the Old Republic were not mentioned by the source.