The war between game makers and hijackers doesn’t seem to end. At least the game deveoloper now has a unique way to deal with the hijackers who usually download their games via this torrent. How come? These hijackers need to be punished, at least if not in a legal way, can be in a unique way. The following is how a unique game developer punishes hijackers:

  1. Add an eye patch to the main character – Quantum Break.

The “Quantum Break” version hijacked by gamers, will make their main character, Jack Joyce, wear a pirate-style eye patch. Remedy as the developer of this game adds a blindfold feature as a symbol for those who hijack this game. Quite unique huh?

  1. Enemies who can’t die – Serious Sam 3.

Another unique way to deal with hijackers is to add an enemy who really can’t die into his game. Croteam, as the developer of the game Serious Sam 3 BFE, admitted that this method might discourage the game pirates. The hijackers will still be able to play this game, but at one stage, this enemy will appear and will continue to chase the protagonist to death.

  1. Bankrupt the company – Game Dev Tycoon.

Dev Tycoon game is a game where players will play as bosses in the game maker company. However, if the hijackers download and play this game, they will get a warning from their employees that the game that has been made in the game has been downloaded illegally and makes them bankrupt. How ironic.

  1. Put them in prison – Zak McKracken

Long before there was a digital download, it turned out that game developers had begun to punish the hijackers. The hijackers who copy this game for free and do not buy it officially, at one stage, they will be put in jail and can not get out forever. Not only that, the officer who put his protagonist’s character into prison, will give a long speech about the piracy that is detrimental to the country and the hijackers can do nothing but listen to the officer’s speech.