Looking for a voice chat application for games? You need to try Discord!

Then what is Discord’s function? Do you need to do a voice chat using Discord in a game? Doesn’t every game have its own voice chat feature? Those are some questions that arise when some gamers hear the name Discord. Actually simply Discord is an application where we can converse with friends in more than one amount. so it’s the same as the phone feature in the gadget but the difference is we can talk to more than one person and some even try Discord up to 20 people more in one discord room.

This group call feature provides great benefits for our team when playing games, because we can communicate with each other so that the risk of defeat in game play can be reduced to a minimum. Try to imagine, for example, we play Free Fire by only relying on communication via chat and the opponents use the application via voice, it can be expected that our work will be easier, if we use a minimum voice we can help each other if there are friends who are struggling.

Actually in an online game especially broad type such as Mobile Legend, PUBG, AOV etc. have their own voice in game only sometimes if we use voice built in games we cannot continue to communicate, for example when we win or lose a match and we enter the home screen menu, we will be disconnected temporarily with the voice and will be connected again when we enter a room. Not to mention if the network disruption if disturbed by the voice will definitely make us annoyed if it happens like that, that is why this discord application is important for continuous communication with our friends.

Discord itself is not a heavy application, you can download it in PlayStore and the great thing is when we use Discord, the mobile data we use will not be used much, we have tried Discord to play PUBG for 3 hours nonstop and added Mobile Legend 2 hours this application does not consuming more than 100MB of data! For 5 hours only 100MB nonstop and use Discord, especially if you use WiFi guaranteed safe and quiet. To invite friends in this application is very easy you can share links that you can share on various platforms and there are many other advantages in this application that we still cannot mention one by one.

We highly recommend this application if you are party warriors in the game so you can direct using voice rather than you spending time directing and typing via chat. That is our brief review of the Discord application for the tutorial itself, we will make it in a separate article, if there are entries and review of what games you want to discuss, please comment below.