Many people are crazy about playing Clash of Clans. It cannot be denied, the game made by Supercell was very popular. Supercell was also blessed, the majority of their shares had been bought by Chinese gaming giant, Tencent, with no playing value, USD 8.6 billion.

Supercell is currently led by CEO Ilkka Paananen who is also one of its founders. Paananen has been poor across the game industry. He founded the mobile game developer Sumea in 2000, when cell phones were still simple, the screens were mostly still black and white.

Then, he joined Digital Chocolate after the company acquired Sumea in 2004. Well, Sumea also grew, its employees became hundreds. In 2010, Paananen and five other Sumea executives decided to leave. They founded Supercell.

“We have a dream of a company that has no long process, no bureaucracy, where the best people can concentrate on doing their best, be creative and create games,” Paananen said, quoting Wired.

That is why from the beginning, Supercell did not have many employees. At present or just six years after its foundation, the Finnish company only has a total of 180 employees.

The process of making a game is usually very simple. They put a deadline to make a game. When it’s finished, the game is shown to all employees and played. If you like it, the game will be developed, if not, it will be turned off.

If a game is turned off, they instead celebrate it by opening a bottle of champagne. “We really want to celebrate not its failure, but the learning that comes from that failure,” Paananen said.

Birth of Clash of Clans

Like most new companies, Supercell initially had to fight first to succeed. In 2011, they released a multiplayer game called Gunshine on Facebook. Games that are considered good but are too complex for Facebook users. Gunshine failed to attract interest.

Gunshine is finally turned off and Paananen is a bit dizzy. “We have a very senior team, more than ten years of experience and nothing. The situation is now or never,” recalls Paananen.

As of January 2012, Supercell has five games that they are currently developing. Three games are considered not good and never launched. The two that were decided to be released were Clash of Clans and Hay Day. Both are focused on mobile devices.

The right decision because smartphones are dominating the world. In 2011, there were 472 million smartphones sold. In 2014, sales reached 1.24 billion. A huge potential for Supercell.

Fortunately, Hay Day and Clash of Clans were amazing success. Especially Clash of Clans, addictive strategy games. This game can be played free to reach as many people as possible. But gamers can buy features to launch the game.

Apparently not a few gamers are willing to spend a lot of money. According to Supercell, there are gamers who want to spend up to 1,600 pounds each month in Clash of Clans.

Until now, Clash of Clans is still in demand and consistently occupies the top position of the most popular applications on both the iOS and Android platforms. Supercell is also in demand by tech giants. Had the majority of its shares owned by Softbank, now Supercell belongs to Tencent after being bought for Rp. 114 trillion.

“This deal allows Supercell to remain privately owned. That’s what fits our small size and unique culture compared to being a public company where our concern is the pressure from the financial markets to think short-term,” Paananen said.