Rockstar is famous for the game Grand Theft Auto or GTA present on various platforms, including mobile games like Android. But Rockstar games aren’t just GTA. Some famous Rockstar games like GTA San Andreas are also presented as mobile games. So that it can reap even more players.

Games that are generally on PCs and game consoles, are recklessly taken by Rockstar to mobile. And for Android there are some pretty interesting games. On the Google Play Store, you can get a variety of games made by this famous developer. Which is indeed dominated by their famous games.

Some of the GTA franchises were ported into mobile games. Considering today’s smartphones are capable enough to play this kind of game. Here are 6 Rockstar games that you can play from an Android smartphone and they are all available on the Google Play Store.

  1. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

This game tells the adventure of Carl Johnson alias CJ in Los Santos, a city full of problematic gangs, drugs, and corruption.

Although carrying the theme of open world and sandboc, GTA San Andreas is quite light. Interestingly, the deep stories that rarely exist in mobile games.

  1. Grand Theft Auto Vice City

More commonly referred to as GTA Vice City comes with the era of the 80s in Vice City. Like the Rockstar GTA franchise games in general, this game is also engaged in crime.

The GTA Vice City mobile game is also light enough to be played on a smartphone. And again it’s not free, you have to make it up at an affordable price.

Surely with this price you get the full game without the need to buy diamonds or in app purchases again like most mobile games.

  1. Grand Theft Auto III

Present as a forerunner of the two games above, Grand Theft Auto III takes you to Liberty City. A city full of mystery and crime.

This game clearly carries the concept of open world and sandbox like most Rockstar games. So this game gives you freedom to explore Liberty City.

  1. GTA Liberty City Stories

Back at Liberty City, we play Toni Cipriani, who returns home after hiding from a murder case.

But after Toni Cipriani returned, the city had changed a lot. But still controlled by corrupt politicians, criminal organizations, and many others.

  1. GTA Chinatown Wars

This Rockstar game comes with more old school graphics. No other because this mobile game is transported from the initial GTA franchise games.

With graphics that are still top-down, this game still promises exciting gameplay. Retro impression is very radiating from this one game.

  1. Max Payne Mobile

Not just GTA, Rockstar also bought Max Payne’s franchise into a mobile game. With unique and classic graphics you can get this mobile game at a cheap price.

It promises exciting gameplay for mobile games complete with Max Pay’s unique Bullet Time scenes and unique stories and dialogues.

This mobile game is also interesting to play on tablets with larger screens. So that they can enjoy more dramatic Bullet Time actions.

  1. Bully: Anniversary Edition

Another famous Rockstar franchise brought to the mobile game. Bully comes with the concept of open world and sandbox with unique stories.

You are told as Jimmy Hopkins, a 15-year-old student at Bullworth Academy. A variety of bullies and juvenile delinquency are exhibited in this game.

You can get this legendary Rockstar game on the Google Play Store. One of the recommended mobile game from Rockstar.

That’s 7 interesting Rockstar games for you to play. Which mobile game immediately catches your attention? Not only GTA San Andreas, others were recommended.