Game developer Capcom seems to have postponed the launch of the multiplayer version of Resident Evil RE:VERse. The game reportedly only started rolling in 2022. It is known that the developer had previously promised to launch the game in July 2021. Launching the CBR page, Friday (16/7/2021), not wanting to disappoint fans, Capcom claimed to have its own reasons.

They don’t want to finish this game in a hurry. In addition, they also pay attention to the health of workers and also the comfort of customers. For customers who have purchased the physical version of Village, we recommend that you don’t lose the Re:Verse access code in the package so you can start playing when the game is released next year,” said Capcom on Twitter. Resident Evil Re:Verse is a new game. which can be played for free by gamers who purchase the physical release of Resident Evil: Village. Initially the game was planned to be released simultaneously with Village as a secondary game, Re:Verse was postponed to mid-2021 due to lack of preparation from Capcom and now the game has been pushed back to next year.

Previously, rumors also revealed that the beta version of the game Re:Verse was one of the most chaotic releases from Capcom. Because the beta version they launch always gets an erratic response, many like it, but not a few also hate it. In fact one of their beta launches only lasted about seven hours due to the many errors that made fans rowdy. So it is hoped that the postponement of this game in order to provide the best experience for gamers and maintain the welfare of workers is the best step that Capcom can take. As is known, recently the video game industry is being watched by many parties because of the culture of inhumane overtime, resulting in many games not being optimal on the day of their release; Cyberpunk 2077 for example.

Later, Resident Evil Re:Verse will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, computers, and Google Stadia consoles.