Fans of console games, especially the PlayStation, are certainly looking forward to the presence of a new generation console, the PS5. After announcing the design and lineup of games, now only the exact date and price of the highly anticipated PS5 is left. The presence of this new generation of consoles certainly makes PS4 fans ready to move.

Eits, but, wait a minute. You are advised not to rush to buy a PS5. The reason is, you can still have PS4 with various advantages. In fact, in 2021, even though the PS5 console was released at the end of last year’s holiday season, owning a PS4 is really worth it. So what? Come on, see what we have to say below!

PS5 Out, PS4 Price Free Falls

Yep, this is a golden opportunity for those of you who don’t have a PS4 to be able to buy the console. Due to the news that the PS5 will be released soon, the price of this predecessor console will certainly drop drastically. In fact, PS4 console owners are also not afraid to price used consoles that are very cheap.

Just look at the online console buying and selling forum, you can find this console is priced quite cheaply. Many of these used console sellers are indeed aiming for savings to buy a PS5. Sony’s year-end promo may also be priced very cheaply for a new console. So, get ready to buy immediately as soon as the promo comes out!

The First Generation of New Consoles Often “Defective”

Although the PS5 is very tempting with all its innovations, you can be skeptical of the first generation of goods. Because, there are always production defects that may occur. You don’t want to go through the hassle of going back and forth to retail if your new console breaks. For that, don’t rush to buy a PS5.

The Xbox and Xbox 360 consoles have experienced manufacturing defects during their release. The same thing had hit the PS3 when the console was first released. Usually, a common problem in the first manufacturer’s console is the unstable power management so that the console easily turns off.

Few New Games Released on PS5

Sony has officially announced a row of PS5 game titles. Although the list is quite long, you can see that at the release, no title has been announced at all. In fact, there is a possibility that this new console will only bring backward versions of the PS4 games when they were released.

What happens if we have a new generation of consoles, but the only games we can play are titles that we have completed? As a result, the PS5 is just a display machine in the living room.

There Are Still Games Released on PS4

You don’t have to worry if PS5 is released, there are no new games on PS4. The reason is, only the development of PlayStation exclusive games has been stopped. The rest, games from third party developers will most likely still be released on PS4.

Big titles like Cyberpunk 2077 or Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla have been confirmed to still be present on this console. Later, there will also be many indie games or other free games that can definitely decorate your gaming experience. For that, don’t be discouraged if this year you can only buy a used PS4.

PS4 Service is Still Long

If the PS5 is released, the services and lineup of PS4 games will continue. Taking the example of the case of the previous console, the age of the PS3 can still last until the beginning of 2019, even though the PS4 has been released for more than five years. For this reason, buying a PS4 in 2021 can still be played for three or four years after that.

In addition to the presence of new games, PS4 will continue to turn on their service for the next few years. You can still try PS Plus services, or other features such as streaming games on the console.


So, which of you is really planning to buy a PS4 this year? Hopefully you can get a cheap PS4 price, huh! Or maybe you are one of those people who save to buy a PS5?