The new generation console from Sony, the PlayStation 5, is one of the most sought after in 2021. Even though it is selling well in the market, it turns out that the stock of this console is very thin. Manufacturing problems caused the supply of the PS5 console to be very difficult to find. But, instead of updating their stock, Sony intends to redesign the PS5 instead. Why, what’s wrong?

Reported by Digi Times, it turns out that the redesign concept in question is the architecture of the PS5 engine. Yep, Sony plans to upgrade their latest console. The reason is, the party from TSMC (Taiwan Semi-Conductor Manufacturing Company) offered to Sony to make the latest PS5 manufacturer.

Following this news, the party from Sony has not provided further information. Even so, a secret source from Digi Times said that later the PS5 with this new design will launch in 2022.

Some of the big things about upgrading from the latest PS5 edition revolve around the CPU to the internal storage capacity of this console. Reportedly, the latest PS5 will use the Zen 2 microprocessor from AMD with a minimum storage capacity of more than 1 terabyte. Of course this significant increase will bang the performance of the PS5 which already has the upper hand.

Seeing this new design concept, fans can also think that the presence of the PS5 Pro is right in front of their eyes. It is possible that this upgrade is a step by Sony to create a variant of their product that is stronger than its predecessor. However, the presence of the PS4 Pro from the previous generation is three years away, while now, the presence of the PS5 Pro could be even faster.

So, what do you think about the new design concept of the PS5? Will the physical form be different or not?