Riot Games posted two job openings on their Career page aimed at developing the League of Legends (LoL) cinematic universe. The two vacancies available, Global Head of Live Action TV and Global Head of Live Action Film, will be based in Los Angeles, USA and both will be responsible for developing the cinematic universe of the world’s best-selling MOBA games from Riot Games.

League of Legends cinematic universe is mentioned in the Global Head of Live Action Film job description as follows: You will lead the film creative development team and all work related to feature film development for the League of Legends cinematic universe and new franchises. The description for the position of Global Head of Live Action TV is the same but replaces “TV” in the “film” section.

In recent years, Riot Games has indeed developed the intellectual property (IP) of League of Legends into various other forms. There are 2 other games that are still included in the world of League of Legends, namely Teamfight Tactics and Legends of Runeterra. In addition, Riot also created a virtual K-pop band called K / DA which contains LoL champions and collaborates with real musicians. They are also a True Damage band whose concept is the same as K / DA.

Riot has previously appointed Airship Syndicate (which previously worked on Darksiders: Genesis) to create Ruined King, an RPG that is in the LoL universe. LoL’s big fans have long wanted LoL to be developed into various formats or other games. But only recently did it seem like Riot was ready to develop it.

On the other hand, LoL’s arch rival, Dota 2, has already released another format from the MOBA franchise that is no less popular. You can watch Dota 2: Dragon’s Blood on Netflix starting March 25, 2021.