How many of you are familiar with the Steam Database site or better known as SteamDB? For those of you who are not too familiar with this, this site is a third-party site designed to collect a variety of information related to games released on Steam. From it, we can check many things, from the number of active players, release dates, update history, prices, and so on. SteamDB also includes a link called “Install” which will take you directly to the respective game’s official Steam store page. Who would have thought that this site that helped Steam gamers so much turned out to be suspected by SEGA.

Whether it’s misinformation or lack of information that ultimately makes SEGA end up “chasing” this SteamDB site. They sent DMCA Takedown to shut down the special Yakuza: Like a Dragon page on SteamDB.

The reason? Because SEGA thinks this site is a site that distributes pirated games. The owner of SteamDB has tried to explain what their site has to offer, but SEGA ignores it. As a result, the Yakuza: Like a Dragon page on the SteamDB page is now completely inaccessible. The team behind it is constantly working to communicate with SEGA and rectify any misunderstandings.

SteamDB owner – Pavel Djundik once confirmed that SteamDB does not support piracy, does not provide downloads, does not sell keys, or is associated with any site that is involved in these activities. At the time this news was written, Djundik admitted that he had succeeded in establishing direct contact with SEGA America.

Will this takedown case continue with other SEGA games? Or will this misunderstanding be cleared up successfully? We’ll just wait for the final result.