Struggling to survive, this sentence seems appropriate to explain Marvel’s Avengers position in the market today. The slowness of the promised content distribution despite the concept of “Games as a Service”, which was continuously encouraged, made it quickly abandoned by the community. The bad news? Even the recent release of content starring Hawkeye as a new character didn’t help much. The only hope now lies on the shoulders of Black Panther who will present as a big expansion ready to inject more new things. The question now is, how are Spider-Man?

The question of when Spider-Man will be present is reasonable because the latest roadmap released by Crystal Dynamics does not pay attention to the spider man at all. For now at least they confirm that the superhero that will be released exclusively for the Playstation will still be present!

Not now, of course. Speaking with IGN, Head of Studio Crystal Dynamics – Scot Amos said that Spider-Man is currently still being worked on. One thing is for sure, Spider-Man will not arrive sooner than Black Panther and will only be released after the Wakanda hero is available. Unfortunately, there is no date when this Black Panther expansion will be available later.

Admittedly, pessimism sticks strongly to the names Marvel’s Avengers from Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics today. How come? Despite the intense hype in the introduction trailer, the Games as a Service concept that feels half-hearted especially when talking about the speed of content release makes it quickly abandoned. Fortunately, the development team shows no signs of giving up. Along with the release of the next-gen console version finally available, they are also introducing which superhero characters will arrive next!

With the Hawkeye update now available, the next Marvel’s Avengers update will bring the superhero from Wakanda – Black Panther into focus. Coming with an update titled “Black Panther: War for Wakanda”, Square Enix calls it the first major expansion for Marvel’s Avengers. The antagonist – Klaw will be the main opponent, along with the wildlife of Wakanda. Crystal Dynamics also promises new enemy types, but doesn’t say much more.

Will Spider-Man be available in 2021 for Marvel’s Avengers? Or should we wait a little longer for him? We’ll just wait.