A phenomenon, this might be the right word to explain what Mediatonic achieved in 2020 yesterday with their game – Fall Guys. With a combination of race-style gameplay and bloodless battle-royale that he carries, the fight to be the last to survive continues to produce an exciting multiplayer experience.

This popularity is also followed by cute character designs that make many well-known brands competing to inject their names in the first few months of release. Even though Fall Guys is no longer being talked about intensively at this time, its potential still seems to tease Epic Games.

Epic Games officially buys Tonic Games Group – the parent company that oversees Mediatonic, and thus – acquires Mediatonic itself. In their latest FAQ page, Mediatonic ensures that this acquisition process will not affect Fall Guys. It will still be available for Steam and Playstation, and later – Nintendo Switch and Xbox. There are no details on how much money Epic Games spent on this one deal.

Mediatonic also emphasized that Epic will still respect their culture and creative decisions as a developer, for whatever games they will release in the future. What do you think? Welcoming this news with open arms?

Meanwhile, Epic Games continues to aggressively provide free games for its fans. Which gamer can refuse the original free game offer, especially if the only condition to get it, is to have a free account which is also easy to create. In the name of trying to slowly but surely eat a portion of the market that has been dominated by Steam alone, this strategy is what Epic Games continues to promote for their Epic Games Store. Sometimes you run into AAA game deals that were never predicted before. This is what you can get today!

Following the tradition of giving away their free games so far which sometimes leads to titles that have just been released via the Epic Games Store, the same strategy will also occur with RAGE 2. Welcoming its release on the Epic Games Store this week, Epic Games will immediately make it free! You can claim and download it right now! As usual, all you need to do to claim it is to have an Epic Games Store account.