Spotify is busy with global expansion. They want their music streaming platform to be known by everyone, including gamers and esports fans. To get closer to gamers, Spotify collaborates with PlayStation, Xbox, and Discord. Meanwhile, to get into the world of esports, Spotify decided to partner with Riot Games. Through this partnership, Spotify will sponsor several global League of Legends tournaments, including the League of Legends World Championship, Mid-Season Invitational (MSI), and All-Star Events.


Why Did Spotify Choose Riot Games?

League of Legends is not the only esports game in the world. However, it is undeniable that in the world, League of Legends is still the most popular esports game today. Not only that, when compared to other esports games, the League of Legends esports scene has the broadest global reach. This will make it easier for Spotify who wants to introduce their platform to esports fans in the world.

“Based on our research, Riot Games is one of the best companies for us to work with. The esports competition they hold has the most extensive global reach. They also broadcast their competitions using dozens of languages ​​and their competitions have consistent viewership, “said Global Head of Marketing Strategy, Spotify, Neal Gorevic, as quoted by Esports Insider.

Another reason why Spotify decided to sponsor the League of Legends esports competition is because most of the MOBA game players also watch esports matches. So, by supporting the League of Legends esports scene, Spotify can target both League of Legends players and esports fans.

According to data from Statista, in 2019, around 68% of the total League of Legends players also watched esports matches from the game. This figure is quite high when compared to other esports games. For example, in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which is considered the second most popular esports game in the world, only 51% of players have also watched the esports competition from the FPS game. In addition, the League of Legends competition is also watched by people who don’t play the game made by Riot. About 26% of people who watched the League of Legends esports competition admitted that they had never played the game.

Spotify’s decision to enter the world of esports is part of their strategy to make Spotify a content-rich music streaming platform known to everyone, including gamers and esports fans. For this reason, podcasts are one of Spotify’s focuses this year.

In May 2020, Spotify signed a contract with comedian Joe Rogan. Through the contract, which is valued at more than US $ 100 million, Spotify will feature Rogan’s show, The Joe Rogan Experience, exclusively on their platform. Podcasts are also a product of collaboration between Spotify and Riot Games.


Result of Collaboration between Spotify and Riot Games

One of the results of Spotify’s collaboration with Riot Games is Untold Stories, a podcast series that tells about important moments in the history of the League of Legends World Championship tournament. Not only that, but on Spotify, you will also find several specially selected League of Legends playlists, such as “This is League of Legends” and “Road to Worlds 2020”. Gorevic revealed, in the future, they will add a new League of Legends playlist.

By providing League of Legends podcasts and playlists, Spotify wanted to make sure they were providing gamers with all the interesting audio content. They hope that gamers will continue to listen to Spotify, no matter where they are and what they are doing.

Spotify is also a sponsor of several League of Legends esports tournaments. That way, they can introduce their brand to the audience. One of the methods they use is placing banners in the game. Indeed, in esports matches, the audience’s attention will often be focused on everything that happens in the game rather than on the professional players. So, in-game banners are an effective way of marketing for sponsors.