Until now Kairosoft already has around 23 simulation games, 20 of which are premium games and 3 are freemium games. Although I can safely say that almost all of their games are fun to play, but of course some of them are repetitive and similar to other titles. Now to help you decide which games you should play, I have made 8 of the best Kairosoft games below. Enjoy!

Game Dev Story
This is a game that made me fall into Kairosoft’s time-wasting trap. Game Dev Story is Kairosoft’s first game and is still considered their best game and I agree.

Game Dev Story is a simulation game where you will run a game studio and develop it into a world class game studio. Through Game Dev Story, Kairosoft also introduces a detailed type of simulation game accompanied by many combinations but at the same time full of lots of silliness. This will be the main ingredients of the whole Kairosoft game. You must play the Game Dev Story!

Mogul Magazine
If you have played a number of games from Kairosoft then you should be able to recognize the patterns they use in each game. This can make you refrain from buying the next Kairosoft game. But Mogul Magazine proved that Kairosoft has not run out of ideas.

The main concept of Mogul Magazine is indeed a bit similar to Game Dev Story, but there are many improvements and new features that make Magazine Mogul so exciting and complex. It must be admitted that the concept of using magazine printing is not very interesting, but I guarantee the gameplay of Mogul Magazine will be satisfying and also fun.

Ninja Village
Before making an update to this article I had never played Ninja Village, and after playing it I felt disadvantaged why I did not play it from the first. You will lead a small village to expand into other areas and eventually become the strongest ninja village. The battle owned by Ninja Village is the most exciting battle in the entire Kairosoft series.

It must be admitted that my interest in Ninja Village was also driven by the fact that I was a Naruto fan, where the war between villages was something familiar. So if you also like Naruto then you will like the concept of Ninja Village.

Pocket Stable
If the other series requires you to manage several things at once, then in Pocket Stable there won’t be too many things that you take care of. Your main task is to train and create the best race horse ever. What is unique is that although there isn’t much to do, I have my own attachment to these virtual horses, just like having Tamagotchi. Even I was a little sad because I had to retire my fastest horse because I was old.

Beasty Bay
Beasty Bay is what you get if you combine town simulation with Pokemon. In terms of town simulation, you are required to build houses so that people want to live on your island. In addition you have to build farms, wells, up to the pier to attract tourists. Later in the middle of the game you can also explore the islands around you. This exploration is useful for getting items, pets and various new research ideas.

While from the Pokemon side you will get turn-based battles where you will fight and capture various monsters scattered in the game. The best part of this game is that you can download and play it now without having to spend any money at all.

Pocket Academy
If you were tortured when you have to go to school then now is the time for you to make these students torture. That’s what I originally thought when playing Pocket Academy. But apparently after playing and educating these children and seeing them grow into successful people, I realized how important education is to someone. In addition to producing quality graduates, your challenge in this game is to find a combination of school facilities so that the synergy is better. There are many combinations that you can try, so one play won’t be enough!

Dream House Days
At Dream House Days you will act as the manager of an apartment where you have to make the apartment look attractive, full of tenants, and also profitable. What is unique is that you are also responsible for the lives of people who live in these apartments ranging from careers to their love lives. This sounds ridiculous but fun doesn’t it?

The uniqueness of Kairobotica is that this game combines various genres that have been released by Kairosoft before. The story is that you will become a security service provider, but on a galactic scale. Like other Kairosoft games Kairobotica is divided into two major parts, the first is a city simulation where you have to build a city with many attractions and the second is a battle between robots and criminals or whatever your client asks for.