On September 3, 2020, PUBG Mobile was officially blocked by the Indian government along with Arena of Valor, and 116 other applications. Following up on this, the South Korean game developer PUBG Corporation, which holds intellectual property rights to PUBG, announced that they will take over the role of PUBG Mobile game publisher in India.


In a blog post, PUBG Corporation said that they understand the actions being taken by the Indian government. PUBG Corporation also expressed its hope of being able to work together in finding a solution so that players in India can return to playing PUBG Mobile, while still complying with the Indian government’s cybersecurity regulations.



“Seeing the development of this case, PUBG Corporation decided to terminate access to the PUBG Mobile franchise which is held by Tencent Games in India. Furthermore, PUBG Corporation will take over all the responsibilities of publishing PUBG Mobile in that country. We will try our best to provide the PUBG experience to players in India, while as much as possible we are committed to creating a healthy environment for fans of the game in the local ecosystem. ” Write PUBG Corp in a blog post.


Even though they are similar games, PUBG Mobile and PUBG on PC / console are managed by two different parties. Tencent Games manages PUBG Mobile in many countries and regions where the game operates. While PUBG on the PC / console was developed and managed by a developer from South Korea named PUBG Corporation.


PUBG Corporation also explained that they are not only developing PUBG on PC / consoles. The South Korean developer said that they are also developing and managing PUBG Mobile in several countries / regions.



So far, PUBG Mobile is arguably one of the most popular mobile games, with the majority of players coming from India. Note from Sensor Tower that PUBG Mobile’s revenue has reached US $ 3 billion, from the 2 years the game has been operating. The Sensor Tower note also says that India is the country with the most downloads for PUBG Mobile. Of the total 734 million downloads globally, India recorded 175 million downloads, more than China and the US.


Regardless, the Indian government finally took tough action against the game, and blocked it on September 3, 2020. According to India’s minister of information technology, the blocking was carried out because PUBG Mobile and 117 other applications were suspected of being involved in activities that threaten the sovereignty, integrity, defense, security and peace of the Indian people.


Does this mean that PUBG Mobile will be able to play again after the action takes over the publisher’s role by PUBG Corporation. The next question that is no less important is what will happen to the PUBG Mobile esports ecosystem in India after this incident?