Update Chapter 2: Season 4 for Fortnite has been officially released, and players can finally experience the thrill of fighting as a Marvel superhero. Unfortunately not all players; if you play using an iPhone, iPad, or MacBook, the update is still not there until now.

Even worse, Epic Games’ membership as a developer on the Apple App Store platform has been officially terminated. Yes, the impact of the drama between Epic Games and Apple last week seems to have spread to all of Epic’s works, not just Fortnite. The Infinity Blade trilogy has now also disappeared from the App Store. It is quite surprising considering that the Infinity Blade series has only been available on iOS.

For those whose devices have Fortnite or Infinity Blade installed, these games can still be played as usual – especially for Fortnite, there is no content from the latest update that can be enjoyed. However, if the game has been deleted, you can no longer download it again, even if the game appears in the list of applications that have been purchased / downloaded by each Apple ID account.

In an official statement, Apple explained that Epic Games still insists on offering its own payment mechanism for all purchases of in-game content on Fortnite. “This is unfair to all other developers on the App Store, and puts consumers in the midst of Epic Games resistance,” said Apple.

But the more important question is, what will happen to the Unreal Engine? Is the distribution of this game engine made by Epic Games also banned on the App Store? This question is of course very important to answer, considering the Unreal Engine is arguably the foundation of a myriad of other games on the App Store, including PUBG Mobile.

Well, the good news is, Unreal Engine is not affected at all, because Epic does manage it using a different developer account. Of course this is in line with a court decision that prohibits Apple from hampering the circulation of the Unreal Engine because it has the potential to disrupt the gaming industry as a whole.

All of this is still not final. Epic Games and Apple are scheduled to undergo a follow-up trial on September 28. Hopefully the two parties can find an agreement, because I can imagine how annoyed Fortnite players on iOS or macOS have spent a lot of money all this time, who suddenly can’t enjoy the latest updates to their favorite games.