It seems that the NetEase developer really understands how to spoil the players of the survival genre game released for iOS and Android, LifeAfter. Because recently, through a video trailer, LifeAfter announced that it would collaborate with one of Capcom’s games, Resident Evil. Later this collaboration will start on August 27, 2020.

The LifeAfter x Resident Evil collaboration itself will present several important elements of the game by Capcom, such as the location of the Raccoon City Departmentet, as well as iconic bosses from Resident Evil such as Nemesis, Tyrant, Executioner Majini and G. As for the characters, so far, Jill Valentine, Ada Wong, Albert Wesker and Leon S Kennedy who are confirmed to be present at this collaboration event. Later, the players who participate in this event will have the opportunity to experience the senation of Raccoon City Department and face the terror of 4 Resident Evil bosses. Those of you who participate in this event will reportedly get free prizes in the form of vehicle skins and skins for dog zombies.

It seems that the steps taken by NetEase are absolutely right, apart from being able to provide new experiences to loyal LifeAfter players, this collaboration event can be the best way to attract new players to play this one game, given the big name of the Resident Evil franchise which is already worldwide. .

Meanwhile, previously LifeAfter received a new map update named St. Rona. The cool thing is, along with this update, there will be a variety of Zombies, Loots, and new features presented by NetEase to lure back its players.

On the St Rona map, players can see major landmarks, namely a volcano that is erupting, throwing hot lava in all areas of the map. Your task here is the same as other maps, namely to survive and look for loot or scattered items. At the same time, you will also be assigned to evacuate residents who live in the area, put out fires in houses, and visit or explore new places that are not touched.

Apart from loot and new challenging quests, NetEase also presents a variety of new zombies that will kill you, starting with the Man Eating Bat which will be present in caves. In addition, there will be new infected types coated with hard coal armor. The weapons you normally use to kill zombies on other maps won’t do them any good, so use your brain to find a way to beat them. You can use mod apk from here to play the game easily.

Resident Evil History

Resident Evil itself is a successful franchise series owned by Capcom. Capcom has updated their sales data (via VG247) for their big games. Some changes occurred from the data they provided before, especially in their flagship horror franchise – Resident Evil.

Resident Evil 7, a game that previously reported “below expectations” for Capcom’s sales in its first month, is now the best-selling RE game with 7.9 million copies sold. Resident Evil 5 is now in second place with 7.7 million copies and Resident Evil 6 following with 7.6 million copies.

Resident Evil 2 Remake also continued to sell well one year after its release. The game is currently selling at 7.2 million copies and could follow the 3 games above in the next few months. As for Resident Evil 3 Remake, the newest installment in the franchise, it didn’t have the same fate as RE2 Remake. The game reportedly did not sell very well. RE3 Remake sold 2.7 million copies in its first 3 months of release, a significant difference from the 4.2 million copies achieved by RE2 Remake in its first 3 months.

Currently Capcom is in the process of making Resident Evil Village, it looks like Capcom really doesn’t want to repeat the disappointment of fans regarding the duration of Resident Evil 3 Remake which is considered short. Although there is no official information from Capcom, an AesthicGamer leaker who has a pretty good track record, in leaking business in the game industry, recently mentioned that Resident Evil Village will later become the RE series with the longest gameplay duration.

If these rumors are true, then of course the fans’ disappointment will pay off in full. So far Resident Evil 7 itself is the longest running game made with the RE Engine. With a duration of about 8-10 hours to complete RE 7, it is likely that RE Village will have a longer gameplay than the previous series. The addition of this duration, of course, will have an impact on the amount of content and various things that can be explored from the game that is planned to be released in 2021 and is available for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC platforms.

So far Resident Evil 4 itself still holds the record, as the RE series with the longest gameplay duration, with a total of 16 hours to complete one game. As for the Resident Evil game with RE Engine, it’s still in the hands of RE 7. Let’s just wait if Resident Evil Village will have gameplay over 16 hours, and surpass the record for Resident Evil 4?