One of the most anticlimax plus sad moments that occurred at the announcement of the Playstation 5 this morning, of course, was at the beginning of the event entitled “The Future of Gaming Show”. Yes, this is none other than because one of the games that opened the event was Rockstar. It has been rumored for some time to announce a new game for next-gen consoles.

There have been many fans all over the internet who have been speculating variously about what games will be announced. Starting from Red Dead Redemption Remastered, Bully 2, and even GTA VI. However, it seems that these expectations are too high and just disappear because a few seconds after the Rockstar logo appears and to a surprise, there are familiar words “Why did I move here? I guess it was the weather ”And of course you already know that those words were in the first trailer of GTA V 7 years ago.

Yes, Rockstar took the annoying step of announcing that their game for next-gen consoles is GTA V, not even Red Dead Redemption 2 which was just released 2 years ago. But of course we all know that GTA V is not the main reason Rockstar brought the game to PS5, but because of the existence of GTA Online which has certainly been the main cash machine for Rockstar since it was launched in 2013.

Even though from the consumer’s point of view this is certainly very annoying and shows how greedy Rockstar is to continue to flush GTA Online with all the content that must be redeemed for a Shark Card. However, it seems that this decision makes sense and might even be called the right decision taken by Rockstar at this time.

“If it doesn’t broke, don’t fix it”

The proverb above, may be appropriate for GTA Online. We are certainly not talking about long loading times, or peer-to-peer servers that are sometimes unfair, let alone Opressor MK2 which makes a lot of people bad in the mood for free roam. But overall GTA Online is a solid online game, with hype that is still very high.

You certainly understand that forming an ecosystem for online gaming is very difficult. And being able to last for 7-8 years is certainly an achievement for a cross-platform online game. Now, is it easy for Rockstar to move its many loyal players, who have invested a lot of time, energy, and even real money into GTA Online to get back to lvl 0 and do the grinding again?

Or even new players who just yesterday got the free version of Epic Games will just move to new games as GTA VI comes out? Honestly, I doubt it. Because they are still in the stage of enjoying the bitter acid world of sending weapons, cars, and robberies in the world of GTA Online.

Supporting Statistics to Continue

Statistically, you can easily see that of course at Epic Games this game is now ranked as the most popular one played, which is certainly not surprising. But regardless of that factor, this game is still in the top 5 in the ranking. Yes, maybe you think that the game is not in the top 3 of the most popular games played. However, being able to become the 5th busiest game out of more than 30,000 games is not something all games can do.

Then if you say that the GTA Online hype has passed, Rockstar should have moved on, Rockstar should try something else for the online game. In fact Rockstar of course has released Red Dead Redemption Online, which is complete for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. With a completely different setting and world from GTA Online. And with a better level of realism. But in fact, RDRO still doesn’t display the same hype and interest as GTA Online. Then what will guarantee that even if GTA 6 or other new game titles are announced, the game will be as likable as GTA V?

Conditions that are not conducive to GTA 6

Whether we admit it or not, the Grand Theft Auto series is the game that attracts the attention of both gamers and the general public. And even many things that caused him a lot of controversy. Starting from the violence in the game, the depiction of women and sexuality, to various kinds of sarcasm in the game that many parties do not take casually.

Then, if Rockstar tries to release the GTA 6 game when the world is in chaos like this, starting from a pandemic, the friction of various countries that can trigger the 3rd world war, to the Black Lives Matter movement which is now worldwide. So it will be very risky for Rockstar to present GTA 6 which of course will be full of sarcasm or even content that can offend various parties.

Not to mention that Rockstar itself is still not free from the various problems that hit them during the window between GTA V and Red Redemption 2 2018. Tax problems to the climate of overwork that afflicts employees have certainly made Rockstar now under the eye of many. And maybe if there’s another big mistake, Rockstar could be in trouble for the future.

Rockstar doesn’t have many choices

Still regarding the previous point, where Rockstar has now been transformed and implemented a new work system. Where the employees have more flexibility to develop the next project, of course we also have to be patient because of course the targets that might initially be set at the initiation of GTA 6 development must also adjust as well.

Moreover, officially Rockstar has just started to continue developing the next game at the beginning of this year, or more precisely a few months ago. And although usually the developers have started development since the previous game came out, we can safely expect that the next GTA game will come in at least 2-3 years.

And of course to fill the empty window during this development Rockstar must find a temporary solution to satisfy the players. Moreover, the 2 next-gen consoles later this year will come out with the hype of gamers from all over the world starting to mount. And unfortunately, Red Dead Redemption 2 and its Red Dead Online which should be a safe weapon from Rockstar failed to attract the interest of gamers, and of course, Rockstar’s last option is to bring GTA V to PS5 while completing the next game.