A game that is so interesting and riveting, certainly behind it the developers also need expensive production costs and do not play games. To create a game, it costs hundreds to trillions of rupiah. The point is to create a variety of quality games and satisfy the hearts of gamers. Here are 5 list of game names with the most expensive production costs, as follows.

  1. Destiny

Visuals in this game look very charming, especially in the design settings in this game. Planey who is present in this game also has a different and extraordinary theme and atmosphere. This Destiny game will invite you to feel the nuances of a fantastic future. Naturally, if this game requires a production cost of US $ 500 million.

  1. GTA V

GTA V comes with stories, gameplay, and even better quality graphics. Gafik offered by this game also offers charming quality along with detailed and eye-catching lighting. This game can be played in multiplayer for up to 20 players at once. GTA V is dubbed the best open-world game with a high price. No wonder, if the developer requires a production cost of US $ 265 million.

  1. Call of Duty: Modern of Warfare

You can enjoy this FPS game from Infinity Ward on the Xbox 360 & Playstation 3 platform. For making this game, the creator of the gem costs approximately US $ 221 million. These costs are used for operational production, marketing, distribution, to game lubrication.

  1. Star Wars: The Old Republic

Next up is an MMORPG game that you can enjoy free to play. It has been released since 2011. This game is played online on your PC platform and console. The futuristic design of the outer space that is captivating and filled with strange robot, alien and monster characters. The cost of producing this game requires a fee of US $ 200 million.

  1. Final Fantasy VII

The final list of games with the most expensive production costs is Final Fantasy VII. A variety of interesting characters, you can find in this game. Where the developer to create this game requires no small cost, reaching US $ 145 million.

That’s the fifth list of the most expensive production games that are fantastic. These costs are generated to obtain maximum and amazing game results. What do you think, the cost makes gamers goosebumps right?