If you play video games from the first Nintendo era or the first PlayStation, then you will be very familiar with some magic code that has a cool name that is “cheat”. With this code, you can unlock all characters like a boss. Your character can also be hit by any attack without being able to die too thanks to the cheat. In fact, sometimes there is a code that can call several units like you might have done in Grand Theft Auto.

In general, a cheat can be entered in the main menu by pressing a certain key or typing something using the keyboard. If the code is correct, then you can easily hear a sound or see a notification that the code is active. But in crude language, cheats are cheat codes that allow you to play games without being shackled by the game rules. Simply put, entering the code is an insulting method that allows the player to do.

Although now the cheat is no longer in the form of manually entered code, it is more the process of editing source code using software or hacking. However, have you ever asked yourself, what exactly is the function of these cheat codes? Why did the developer voluntarily share code that most of you might think would damage the game?

Here we have gathered a number of reasons why cheats can easily circulate in the video game industry.

Note: As in the title that we have listed, the cheat that we mean is the cheat code in a single-player game, not multiplayer.


  1. Test Some Features / Models / Units for Developers

Making a game is not something easy. In the process there are thousands of codes that are continuous to create a game that can work well. Laying features that are locked as the game goes on and the inability of the player to use certain objects makes the developer need to create a cheat.

This is merely to test some features of the unit so that it works well. They might not have to pass level 9 to get to car A because there are so many cars they have to test for example. With cheats, the developer will easily try all the features of the unit to ensure that it works very well.


  1. Provide a Different Playing Experience

As we know, a lot of gamers who have their own way to play in single-player games. However, it is not uncommon for many games to be tasteless without cheats. Grand Theft Auto for example. You who like to explore the wide open-world world in the game, of course will never be satisfied if you do it by driving a car. You need to find a plane or helicopter to be able to see how vast the world that Rockstar has made. The fastest way? Using cheats.

With cheats, you who like to riot for the sake of relieving stress in Grand Theft Auto can also do it. Honestly, my stress goes away after rioting in Grand Theft Auto by using cheats to give unlimited ammo, or get rich quick.

Using cheats in single player games also does not necessarily damage the game I demonstrated above. But also can provide a different playing experience. From the beginning without the cheat feels boring, to be very exciting when using the magic code.


  1. Make the Debugging Process Easier

Back to the process of developing video games. Besides being able to check several features and units. Using cheats is a tool that helps make it easier for developers to find bugs.

So, for example they can summon several vehicles, units, or certain items. They will test it many times whether there are no bugs that occur in the unit that can damage the game. Other bugs like losing items when doing something will also be fairly easy to get rid of with cheats.


  1. Helping those who have difficulties

Not always the level or boss in the game is easy to conquer. You need super crazy hard work or smart work if your brain arrives. Difficulties also occur not only in the game itself, but also people who do not have time to finish the game because their daily life is full of activities. Good work, take care of children, and intense tuition.

With cheats, the game will be easier to complete even though they may not be able to explore all the ins and outs of his world like you to be called a “true gamer”. Some people who have difficulties will also be more helped by the cheat.

  1. As an Easter Egg / Gift

Small but very valuable, that’s a cheat in the form of a gift or easter egg. Some games do deliberately have a cheat mode feature that is only open if you complete the game. Through these prizes, you are given the opportunity to try the game with the highest level for example. This is actually far better than having to give overpower gift items that make the game not fun for some people.

Cheat in the form of an easter egg will also arouse the detective player’s instincts. Because that way, they become more aware to look for the secrets that exist in the game. If they are lucky, they will get the cheat. For example cheats to play Spyro games on Crash Bandicoot to the famous Konami code. Nobody knows whether there are developers or websites that include the code and present a hidden easter egg.


  1. A Tool to Simplify Game Development

As I explained in the previous points. Cheat exists because the developer makes it. The main goal is only one: simplify and accelerate the development of video games. With the cheat or in the development language “debugger” or similar, they will easily find the bugs that exist and make sure everything runs perfectly so that it reaches your hands as a perfect product.

Indeed, not infrequently a lot of developers who release the cheat to the market. But not a few of them who pulled most of the magic code. A case similar to Grand Theft Auto V where the number of cheats is far less than the previous series.


Those are the six reasons why cheats are present in single-player video games. Are you a developer who is working on a game or a player who is playing a lot of games for reasons other than those mentioned above? List all the reasons in the comments column.