Rainbow Six Pro League is no longer held. However, that does not mean Ubisoft no longer cares about the esports ecosystem of Rainbow Six. They have just announced a new Rainbow Six Siege esports tournament for the North American region. The tournament will be held at the end of June 2020.

North America League will be divided into two divisions, namely the United States and Canada divisions. Within the United States division, there are 8 esports teams, namely Spacestation Gaming, TSM, DarkZero Esports, eUnited, Oxygen Esports, Disrupt Gaming, Susquehanna Soniqs and Tempo Storm. While the Canadian division will consist of 4 esports teams. Unfortunately, it is still unknown which team will be part of the Canadian division.

The match between teams in the United States division will be held in an offline format in Las Vegas, Nevada. While the matches between teams in the Canadian division will be held online. In addition to the North America League, Ubisoft also held Challenger Leagues for the United States and Canada.

“We are very proud of the global Rainbow Six Esports structure that prioritizes investment and localization in each region,” Ubisoft Senior Director of Esports, Che Chou, was quoted as saying by ESPN. “In the North America League, 8 US Division teams were selected with the aim of ensuring a stable team structure so that premium offline leagues could be held.” He explained, the reason Ubisoft chose Las Vegas as the place to hold offline tournaments in Las Vegas was because the city was considered as one of the entertainment centers in the world.

On its official website, Ubisoft explained that one North America League season will last for 11 months, from March to February next year. In one season, there are 3 Stages. Each Stage lasts for 5 weeks. However, in 2020, there will only be 2 Stages because this year is still a transition to a new system after the Rainbow Six Pro League is abolished. In December, Ubisoft will hold a Major, North American Finals tournament, bringing together the best 16 teams in the North American region. They will also implement a promotion / relegation system for North America League and Challenger League teams. The team with the lowest position from NAL will have to compete with the best Challenger League team.

Throughout the season, every team that competes at NAL also has the opportunity to get Global Standing Points if they can provide satisfactory performance on one Stage. Sixteen teams with the highest points will get an invitation to Six Invitational, the most prestigious Rainbow Six Siege tournament.

In February 2020, Ubisoft did explain their decision to overhaul the structure of the Rainbow Six esports. At that time, they revealed that they would use a point system to determine the teams invited to Six Invitational. The hope, professional teams can provide a more stable performance throughout the season.