Long before The Witcher 3 stole the hearts of RPG fans, people first got to know a game called Gothic. Like the Witcher series, Gothic is an action RPG with an open-world concept and a third-person look. In fact, Gothic was one of the biggest Projekt Red CD team inspirations while working on the Witcher series.

Gothic is made by a German developer, Piranha Bytes. Released in 2001, Gothic eventually gave birth to two sequels and a number of spinoffs. Piranha Bytes itself is now part of THQ Nordic, and they are also busy developing another RPG franchise, namely ELEX.

But THQ Nordic apparently rated the Gothic franchise too iconic to just let go. They decided to work on the remake, and in December, released the demo version to the public. Through the demo, THQ hopes that there will be enough positive responses so they can continue to work on Gothic Remake completely.

And their hopes were fulfilled. More than 180,000 people played the demo version, and based on the results of their survey, 94.8 percent agreed THQ continued to work on Gothic Remake to completion. As we can see from the demo version of the trailer above, Gothic Remake is made using a new engine that is in line with the latest gaming standards.

Although it looks impressive, most players who try out the demo version demand a darker (more gothic) setting on the remake. If you look at the comparative video Gothic and Gothic Remake, the difference in the game’s atmosphere does look quite dramatic.

The good news, THQ is committed to consider input from those who had tested the demo version. Gothic Remake is far from being released; THQ has not yet set a fixed schedule, but certainly not in 2020. THQ also said that Gothic Remake would be developed for the PC platform and next-gen consoles (PS5 and Xbox).

Gothic indeed inspired The Witcher series, but it cannot be denied that this remake version has many similarities with The Witcher 3. The locations immediately reminded me of the Skellige area in The Witcher 3, which itself adopted many Viking cultures. Vikings themselves are generally considered to be cousins ​​of the Goths, even though both come from different countries.