Timo Timmi, a 19-year-old young man from Estonia believes, one of the reasons why students are reluctant to learn mathematics is a boring way of teaching. For this reason, he formed the 99math startup, which created a platform called Math Game Days.

Through the Math Game Days platform, elementary students can take part in online math tournaments that all students in the world can participate in. Uniquely, just like an esports match, this tournament can also be watched live. To be able to take part in this math tournament, a student only needs a smartphone or tablet and an internet network. The low entry barrier is expected to make it easier for students to participate in Math Game Days.

“Mathematics is one of the most important things we learn in school, but the value of mathematics in all countries in the world has decreased,” Timmi said, as quoted by EU Startups. “I believe, that is because the teaching model in schools does not appeal to generation Z. If mathematics is as interesting as playing games, the next generation will be able to have very critical thinking skills. Eventually, more children will become technicians, scientists and astronauts. ”

The 99math startup has now been attended by 30 thousand elementary students from various countries. They announced that they had received an investment of € 454 thousand. These funds will be used to grow their platforms. The fundraising was led by Change Ventures and supported by the Good Deed Education Fund and Martin Villig, Co-founder of the Estonian startup from Estonia, Bolt.

“Estonian students now have exam results and an understanding of the best mathematics in the world,” Villig said. “I think the key behind this is the way mathematics is taught. I am glad to hear that there have been many students who have joined the platform made by 99math and have become interested in mathematics again. ”

Meanwhile, Yrjö Ojasaar, Investment Partner, Change Ventures said, “99math shows that online math competitions between schools, students and leagues attract tens of thousands of students in the world to hone their mathematical abilities. We want to help the 99math team to develop and change children’s views about mathematics. “