Only a few more months will be more acquainted with Microsoft and Sony’s next-gen gaming systems, but this transition does not seem to affect Nintendo’s business. Currently they are even enjoying their own success. Within three years of its availability, Switch’s sales momentum remained high, then exclusive Nintendo games there continued to be a user’s favorite.

On January 30, 2020 yesterday, Nintendo revealed the latest information about sales of Switch hardware and software (FY3 / 2020 Q3), including estimates and company plans going forward. Perhaps the achievement that Nintendo is most proud of is its success in shipping 52.48 million Switch units, from when the product was available in March 2017 to December 2019. Of course, high consumer interest also boosted the Switch adoption rate from year to year.

Some facts can be drawn from the data above. First, that means Switch sales have surpassed the Super Nintendo Entertainment System – placing it as Nintendo’s third best-selling console of all time, behind the Wii and NES. During his lifetime, SNES sold 49.1 million units. Second, analyst Daniel Ahmad from Niko Partners estimates that the total shipment of the Switch has overtaken the Xbox One. The 50 million figure can be reached by Switch in 34 months, while the Xbox One takes 74 months.

Switch growth shows a year-on-year increase of 15 percent, helped by the presence of a more affordable portable Switch Lite variant, and the official product launch in the China region. Interestingly, after the 2019 holiday period ends, consumers are even more after the standard Switch than Lite. And unique again, Lite is more popular among female gamers and Pokémon fans.

Content also becomes a crucial factor that triggers consumer interest in the Switch. Last holiday season, Pokémon Sword and Shield became the biggest game on the Nintendo hybrid console. The game reportedly sold more than 16 million copies, 4 million more copies than Super Smash Bros. Ultimate In addition to the brand-new Pokémon game, Luigi’s Mansion 3 also became a success story, making a total sales of more than five million copies.

Over time, Switch has also slowly become the gaming platform of choice for ‘newcomers’. Going forward, the company wants to embrace more types of consumers, one way is through the cultivation of unique products. Nintendo conveys, gaming is a very broad market. There are still huge opportunities for ‘traditional gaming companies’ to compete with smartphones and digital services.

Associated with other brands that are preparing next-gen devices, Nintendo claimed not to see the names as competitors. The company claims it is not yet sure whether the life cycle of the Switch will be different from other products or their previous hardware. What is clear, Nintendo will try to extend the life of the console through a software approach.